Welcome to the Lower Oder Valley National Park

6. October 2017
Biberburg | Foto: www.lebedeinereise.de

Water and Wilderness

Welcome to Germany’s Only Wetlands National Park!     Water and Wilderness Photo: Beaver’s lodge | Photo: www.lebedeinereise.de The heart of the National Park is the […]
5. October 2017


Photo: Lower Oder Valley National Park | Photo: www.lebedeinereise.de The lower Oder valley is Germany’s only wetland national park and also the first large, cross-border protected […]
5. October 2017
Haubentaucher | Foto: www.lebedeinereise.de

A large variety of species

Photo: Great Crested Grebe | Photo: www.lebedeinereise.de The Lower Oder Valley National Park is one of Germany’s most species-rich habitats. In addition to the wetlands landscape, […]
6. October 2017
Foto: www.individuelle-fotoreisen.de

Accommodation & Gastronomy

Accommodation & Gastronomy     Photo: www.individuelle-fotoreisen.de     We are ambassadors of the national park concept, quality providers with special services, work environmentally friendly and […]
5. October 2017

NATURA 2000 – Info point

In the National Park Shop you can find an extensive range of regional products like jams and honey, apple juice (“Criewen Gold”), various types of mustard […]
5. October 2017

National Park House

The Visitor Centre (National Park House) of the national park in Criewen was opened in September 2000. In the hands-on and interactive exhibition, the floodplain landscape […]

20 Years of the “Lower Oder Valley National Park”

The Lower Oder Valley National Park protects a river floodplain; the last mouth of a river in Central Europe still largely intact, with its adjoining hillsides, mixed deciduous woodlands and dry grasslands abundant with flowers.


For over 200 million years

Sturgeons have been around for over 200 million years. But lately, pollution, dams and poaching have seriously endangered this species. This project tries to secure the survival of the sturgeon.