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27. October 2016
5. October 2017
Haubentaucher | Foto:

Haubentaucher | Foto:

Photo: Great Crested Grebe | Photo:

The Lower Oder Valley National Park is one of Germany’s most species-rich habitats. In addition to the wetlands landscape, it offers near-nature mixed deciduous woodlands and grasslands full of blossoming flowers in the adjacent hillsides. The biodiversity is a consequence of the various landscapes, due to the ice age and the Oder, as well as the transition region between the Atlantic and continental climates. Plant species like the Pheasant’s Eye or Feather Grass have their westernmost existence here. With its river tributaries, and the regularly flooded meadows, the lower Oder valley is a paradise for waterfowl as a breeding ground as well as a place for resting and hibernation. More than 145 species of birds breed in the national park. In spring and autumn you can observe the migration of thousands of geese, ducks and cranes. The Oder is famous for its fish fauna; over 40 species live in the many nature-orientated areas of the river.